Frequently Asked Questions


1. What sets you apart from other Medical Practices?

A. We offer a pleasant and elegant environment where patients are never rushed and are always seen on time. New patients are allocated one full hour and existing patients a half hour. In addition we do our best to avoid "White Coat Syndrome", therefore our office does not look like a clinic and no one in our staff wears scrubs or white coats.


2. What does an Initial Visit for a new patient entail?

A. The first step is to have a complete overview of your family and medical history. Please be sure to bring all your records with you. Based on this information Dr. Coker will prepare a customized care plan for you that will include blood work to be done at a later time. Please do not fast for your first visit, make sure to eat regularly on that day.


3. Does Dr. Coker speak Spanish? 

A. No.

4. What is the age group of patients Dr. Coker sees?

A. From 10 to 65 years old. For patients who are younger than 10 please look for a Pediatrician.
Patients over 65 should find a Geriatric Physician, Dr. Coker is not Medicare certified.

Nearest Pediatrician:
Gilma Marimon, MD
3661 S Miami Ave Suite 503
Miami FL, 33133

Nearest Geriatric Physician:
Stephanie Duncan, DO
2701 SW 3rd Ave, Suite 101
Miami FL, 33129

5. Why are patients required to have a voicemail, text, and email?

A. Being able to reach you is extremely important, especially when it involves time sensitive test results. Not having all 3 will disqualify you from becoming our patient. 


6. Why do you require a patient's Social Security number?

A. The 3 reasons are listed below. Please note: This information will be encrypted and not shared with anyone.

1) It is a secondary way to find your information when dealing with insurance companies
2) Lab tests are identified by your SS number not by your card ID number
3) If your insurance is cancelled it is our only way to seek compensation

If you are unable or unwilling to provide this information we will be glad to see you as a Self-Pay patient. Once your insurance has made a full payment on your behalf, we will refund these funds back to you.


7. Why do you take a photo of all new patients?

A. Your photo is attached to your medical records to determine your identity for future visits in case you forget your ID.


8. Can I make a first time appointment for someone else?

A. If the patient is under 18 years of age a parent or guardian can make an initial appointment, otherwise no.


9. What do I need to bring to my initial visit?

A. A photo ID and your insurance card.


10. Do you accept self-pay patients without insurance?

A. Yes. For more information call 305-392-0449.


11. Do you prescribe ADD/ADHD or chronic pain medication?

A. No.

12. Does Dr. Coker do Well Woman's Exams and Pap Smears?

A. No. Please contact your insurance company for a list of Gynecologist who are able to perform this test.


13. Where do I go to get my blood drawn?
A. New Patients  go to either Either LabCorp or Quest depending on your insurance. Click below for locations.

Existing Patients can sometimes have blood drawn at the office, please call 305-392-0449 for more information. 

14. How soon will I get my lab results?

A. Between 1 and 2 weeks.
Download the "MyQuest for Patients" or the "LabCorp | Patient" app and the lab will post your results at the same time we get them. If your results appear in any color other than red they are within normal limits. If they appear in RED call 305-392-0449 to schedule a follow up visit.
Please Note: Abnormal test results cannot be discussed over the phone. 


15. Can I refuse a follow up appointment to discuss abnormal test results?

A. Yes. You will be asked to sign a legal form releasing Dr. Coker from any liability, this form will also terminate you as a patient from our practice.

16. Can Dr. Coker prescribe NEW medications over the phone?

A. No.


17. Can Dr. Coker prescribe EXISTING medications over the phone?

A. Yes, within 30 days of your last visit.


18. How long can Dr. Coker refill a prescription for a CHRONIC condition?

A. Up to one year. After 365 days you will need to schedule an appointment.