Brickell Primary Care

Family Medicine - Ages 10 to 65



New Patients

We are not an Urgent Care Center

Walk-In visits are reserved for Existing Patients Only

First time patients must make an appointment 

To become an established patient please complete our Two Minute Registration.

We will contact you once your insurance has been approved.


  • Five reasons that will prevent you from becoming our patient

  1. Having an inactive or full voicemail 
  2. Cancelling or rescheduling - Same Day or One Day - before your initial visit - No Exceptions
  3. Not showing up to your first appointment or being more than 10 minutes late
  4. Being confrontational and/or hanging up the phone
  5. Having been terminated or not accepted by our Senior Partner in the past 

Existing Patients

  • Cancellation and Reschedule Policy - Minimum two days notice
  • All late appointments are cancelled after 10 minutes - No Exceptions 
  • After 10 minutes your appointment becomes a No-Show

  • Termination From Practice
  • Three No-Show visits
  • Three Cancellations/Reschedules - Same day or one day before your visit - No Exceptions
  • Full or disconnected voicemail - After three attempts
  • Non-Compliance to follow-up care due to abnormal test results - After 30 days
  • Being confrontational and/or hanging up the phone

    For a complete overview of our practice, click on "FAQ".

Check-In Forms

Please print and complete these forms before your visit.  
Be sure to bring a photo I.D. and your Insurance Card with you. Thank you.